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No, this isn't some sort of Egyptian hat. Nor still is it a sizable endangered mammal, incapable of reproducing much more than as soon as a decade and doomed to try to eat the world's slowest increasing plant. The Fez Panda is often a micro controller board, appropriate with Arduino elements and an extended Portion of the Arduino family members.


The Panda is .Internet framework compatible. Meaning that Panda people can program and debug the micro controller board utilizing the no cost downloadable versions of Microsoft Visual C# Categorical. Such as the Arduino micro controller boards and parts, the Fez Panda is meant for making using electronics in multi stranded assignments a lot easier plus much more obtainable.

The upshot of that design and style short would be that the Fez Panda, like its Arduino counterparts, is incredibly compatible for the newbie and enthusiastic electronics hobbyist together with into the serious industrial company.

The Panda masses purposes as a result of its USB relationship (or Serial) with total highlighted debugging abilities. It is accessible in two variations - an initial Variation and also the Fez Panda II, which has been Increased to incorporate an on board micro SD socket; a true time clock; and an easy to entry 40 pin woman header that offers quick access to extra one/0 sockets.

The Fez Panda two relies on an NXP LPC2387 micro controller with a industrial USBizi firmware and software deal. The board has a 72 MHz 32 little bit ARM 7 processor; 512 kb FLASH; and ninety six kb RAM.

Suitable with most Arduino shields, the Fez Panda two is often a wonderful illustration of open supply hardware, a motion which has emulated the open up supply software design by making licenses, complex info and schematics simply available to any one who wants to rely on them.


The Panda II can be bought on its own or as Element of a Fez Final Kit, that is meant to offer a rather substantial seize bag of factors and extras for your budding inventor. The package contains sensors, wires, speakers and E blocks.

Applying an Arduino kind element, the Fez Panda consumer can plug in just about any Arduino defend. The Panda consists of JTAG access together with usage of the.Web framework. It On top of that includes a substantial variety of inbuilt libraries: networking; Body fat file methods; UART; USB shopper; PWM; DAC; ADC; SPI; and I2C.

The Arduino task, of which the Fez can be a normal offshoot, started in Italy in 2005. The Preliminary brief for the Arduino undertaking was to help make prototyping fewer expansive for electronics learners. Its product, which consisted of a essential board with input and output capabilities, run by an easy to use program user interface based upon the C++ language, has motivated the design and proliferation of a huge selection of open supply micro controller Helpful hints boards including the Fez Panda.

Now the proliferation of micro controller boards and open supply components is fuelling a generation of electronics fanatics.

Have you at any time puzzled how A lot of people are actually interfacing (or link) the 'Wii Nunchuck' to micro controllers? These 'Wii Nunchucks' contain accelerometers, a sort of sensor that may deliver knowledge from motion (tilting, twisting; movements of your hand).

'I2C', often known as 'Inter-Built-in Circuit' or 'TWI' (Two Wire Interface) is the tactic to connect the 'Wii Nunchuck' controller into a micro controller circuit board. It serves like a communication backlink between 'ICs' ('Intergrated' Circuit). Consequently, 'I2C' might be believed like a interaction bus.

There's two varieties of products over the 'I2C' bus, learn and slave. Learn is normally set towards the micro controller circuit board when slave is the 'Wii Nunchuck'. Learn always controls the clock line and knowledge transfer.

Each and every 'I2C' product (e.g. accelerometer, electronic temperature 'IC') has its individual unique address. The 'Nunchuck' slave I2C handle is 0x52. This really is how the grasp identifies the slave.

All identified 'I2C' system addresses are seven-bit or ten-little bit. 'Nunchuck' accelerometer values are in ten bits when the joystick values, seven bits. The seven-bit knowledge is transmitted as 8-bit. 1st 7 bits outline the system deal with. The 8th little bit defines the browse write ('R/W') method. This eighth bit is ready to 0 for create and 1 for study functions.

The 'I2C' bus comprises 2 bi-directional, active wires; the 'SCL' or 'SCK' (Serial Clock Line) and 'SDA' (Serial Data Line). In this particular project, 'SCL' is connected to analogue pin 4 and 'SDA' to analogue pin 5. +5V electric power and floor on analogue pins in the micro controller circuit board are accustomed to power the 'Wii Nunchuck'.